A review of the Samsung NV20 Digital Camera

Samsung have released the NV20 along with two other digital cameras, but this one takes pride of place at the top of the premium NV range.

The Samsung NV20 has a solid, chunky individual feel about it which creates a different look to other typical designs for digital cameras and the black finish is also another aspect that makes it stand out. There is a large 2.5” LCD screen on the reverse as well as two rows of buttons along the side and bottom of the screen. It is not instantly clear what these buttons are for, but when the screen is in playback the menu becomes quite clear. There is also a zoom rocker at the top of the back and a back button which comes in very useful. On top there is a power button, shutter release and a mode dial.

Samsung have included 12.1 mega pixels with the NV20 and a 3x zoom along with an Advanced Shake Reduction Mode, touch-sensitive smart button system and 15 scene modes. The Advanced Shake Reduction mode (ASR) is not to be mistaken for optical stabilisation but and alternative method in which the camera automatically chooses a faster ISO speed to try and compensate for slow shutter speeds, avoiding camera shake. The Face Detection feature on board detects up to 9 faces within an image, then sets the correct focus and exposure as well as remove any red-eye from the shot. 20MB of internal memory is included and images can also be stored on SD memory cards. Personalise your images even further by trimming, resizing, rotating and changing effects to create an image to suit you.

The performance results were a very mixed bag for the Samsung NV20 digital camera, to say the least and although we did manage to get some spectacularly clear results and very bright and sharp images there were a few areas that did slightly disappoint us. Noise started to appear on images at around ISO 200 and to a degree which made the images unusable. The macro function worked brilliantly and close-ups were very impressive indeed with hardly any loss of quality at all. The Advanced Shake Reduction function also worked very well with great results and a definite improved image when comparing shots with the function switched on and off. Overall though, colour was reproduced extremely well and images were of a high standard even with a few small flaws.

What's in the box?
Samsung NV20, Rechargeable battery, Charger, Strap, USB cable, AV Cable, Software CD, User Manual Overall Opinion The Samsung NV20 is a thoughtfully made digital camera that has many impressive features to assist in creating superb images. There are a few minor flaws that can be improved upon given a bit of time and effort, but overall the NV20 produces some great results and is a strong and solid, as well as attractive, camera. Pros+ 12.1 mega pixels+ Advanced Shake Reduction+ Face Detection+ 3x zoom+ 15 scene modes+ Brilliant Macro Function

Cons- Noise at low ISO 200
Picture Quality9/10
Battery Life9/10 Setup Simplicity 9/10
Build Quality10/10
Ease of Use8/10
Overall Rating 4/5

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