Digital Photography Pocket Guide

Digital Photography Pocket Guide 2ND Edition

New Photography Pocket Guide an ideal camera accessory

A fully updated edition of the Digital Photography Pocket Guide, by Margaret Brown, Australia’s leading writer on digital photography, has been released this month.

With digital cameras – particularly digital SLRs, expected to be big sellers this summer, the new guide’s arrival will enable new camera owners and those updating to a more sophisticated model to quickly understand the basics of digital photography.

Figures from market research organization GfK indicate that this summer will represent an historical peak for digital camera sales in Australia. Many of those buying a new camera are doing so because they are keen to improve the quality of their photography. A good camera is a prerequisite, but knowing how to get the most from it is essential, and this pocket guide covers all the bases.

The Digital Photography Pocket Guide (2nd Edition) looks at picture-taking techniques as well as the underlying technology. Author Margaret Brown, who is also author of the Australian Consumer Association’s Guide to Digital Photography, as well as all 12 publications in the popular Photo Review Pocket Guide series, puts the jargon aside and explains digital photography with a practical, “plain English” approach.

There are plenty of tables and charts to use as ready reference tools to answer questions like such as what size memory card to buy, or what size enlargement a seven-megapixel camera is capable of producing.

Margaret Brown covers the field from start – deciding on the type of camera best suited to an individual’s needs, to finish – printing, displaying and managing digital images.

An extensive shooting tips chapter helps photographers find their way around the camera’s buttons, switches and icons, and provides invaluable advice on how to deal with particular picture-taking situations, from portraiture through to landscape photography or tricky lighting conditions.

She surveys the ever-expanding printing options available, explains the key criteria for working with images on a PC monitor, and recommends the best image editing software for specific applications.

The Digital Photography Pocket Guide is available from selected newsagents, specialist camera stores and from and

Digital Photography Pocket Guide (2nd Edition)
Onsale: November 2007
Author: Margaret Brown
Cover price $14.95 (inc GST)
Size: A5, 64pp, perfect bound
ISBN 978-0-9775714-2-0
Published by Media Publishing Pty Limited

Margaret Brown is available for interview on all aspects of digital photography and printing digital photos. Please call Margaret direct on (02) 9869 7002

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