Choosing A Camera For Your Tour plus some tips

When you are on a tour of ancient or important places, obviously you would like to take photographs of the monuments, buildings, statues, idols etc. at such places. Here are some tips for you!

1. A digital camera is always better than film cameras. It will save you money on films and even on printing if you wish to see the photographs on computer or TV screen only. The resolution should be at least 6 Mega Pixel, however you can take photographs at 2 Mega Pixels also, unless they are not taken for high quality

2. The digital camera you are taking with you should have with zoom lens which can take tele-photographs as well as wide angle photographs. The lens should have micro-mode also to shoot up close up photographs if necessary.

3. Always carry 1 GB spare memory card with you.

4.Do not forget to carry Spare cells and Cell Charger.

5. Protect your camera from heat, cold and rain.

6. A strap for your camera is must. It will protect your camera from accidentally falling down, and sometimes from theft.

7.Protect your camera LCD screen from scratches.

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