The Walgreens lady made my day!

Kate Yother

Well, the Walgreens photo lab lady made my day today! Most of the peoplethat work at my local Walgreens know me and know that I am in a portraitureclass, so they don't get question any of my work.

Well, either they hired someone new or we just haven't met each other yetbecause after I uploaded a couple photos this afternoon I got a call lettingme know that they will not be able to print my photos. She said that theywere professional photos and they can't print those. I explained who I wasand what was going on with my class and that I have used them many times formy portraiture photos.

She said she was going to have to talk to the manager and get me to signsomething for future photos. LOL!Just wanted to share this with everyone! I guess this means I am improving.